Nonlinear partial differential equations : for scientists and engineers / Lokenath Debnath
Nonlinear partial differential equations : for scientists and engineers / Lokenath Debnath. 2nd ed.
Debnath, Lokenath
2nd ed.
Boston; Basel; Berlin : Birkhaeuser, 2005
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xx, 737 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm
Bibliografija: str. 699-726.
Klasifikacijska oznaka
35-01 Instructional exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.)
35-02 Research exposition (monographs, survey articles)
35Q55 NLS-like (nonlinear Schr|odinger) equations [See also 37K10]
35Q51 Solitons [See also 37K40]
35L65 Conservation laws
00A06 Mathematics for nonmathematicians (engineering, social sciences, etc.)
00A69 General applied mathematics {For physics, see 00A79 and Sections 70 through 86}
33Exx Other special functions
33E12 Mittag-Leffler functions and generalizations
34B05 Linear boundary value problems
34B24 Sturm-Liouville theory [See also 34Lxx]
34B27 Green functions
34B60 Applications
34G20 Nonlinear equations [See also 47Hxx, 47Jxx]
34G25 Evolution inclusions
35A15 Variational methods
35A21 Propagation of singularities
35A22 Transform methods (e.g. integral transforms)
35A25 Other special methods
35C05 Solutions in closed form
35C15 Integral representations of solutions of PDE
35Dxx Generalized solutions of partial differential equations
35E05 Fundamental solutions
35E15 Initial value problems
35Fxx General first-order equations and systems
35F05 General theory of linear first-order PDE
35F10 Initial value problems for linear first-order PDE, linear evolution equations
35F15 Boundary value problems for linear first-order PDE
35F20 General theory of nonlinear first-order PDE
35F25 Initial value problems for nonlinear first-order PDE, nonlinear evolution equations
35G10 Initial value problems for linear higher-order PDE, linear evolution equations
35G20 General theory of nonlinear higher-order PDE
35G25 Initial value problems for nonlinear higher-order PDE, nonlinear evolution equations
35J05 Laplace equation, reduced wave equation (Helmholtz), Poisson equation [See also 31Axx, 31Bxx]
35J10 Schr|odinger operator [See also 35Pxx]
35J15 General theory of second-order, elliptic equations
35J20 Variational methods for second-order, elliptic equations
35K05 Heat equation
35K10 General theory of second-order, parabolic equations
35K15 Initial value problems for second-order, parabolic equations
35K55 Nonlinear PDE of parabolic type
35K60 Nonlinear boundary value problems for linear parabolic PDE; boundary value problems for nonlinear parabolic PDE
35L05 Wave equation
35L10 General theory of second-order, hyperbolic equations
35L15 Initial value problems for second-order, hyperbolic equations
35L20 Boundary value problems for second-order, hyperbolic equations
35L25 General theory of higher-order, hyperbolic equations
35L30 Initial value problems for higher-order, hyperbolic equations
35L60 Nonlinear first-order PDE of hyperbolic type
35L67 Shocks and singularities [See also 58Kxx, 76L05]
35L70 Nonlinear second-order PDE of hyperbolic type
35Q30 Stokes and Navier-Stokes equations [See also 76D05, 76D07, 76N10]
35Q35 Other equations arising in fluid mechanics
35Q40 Equations from quantum mechanics
35Q53 KdV-like equations (Korteweg-de Vries, Burgers, sine-Gordon, sinh-Gordon, etc.) [See also 37K10]
35Q58 Other completely integrable equations [See also 37J35, 37K10]
35Q60 Equations of electromagnetic theory and optics
35Q80 Applications of PDE in areas other than physics
42A38 Fourier and Fourier-Stieltjes transforms and other transforms of Fourier type
44A10 Laplace transform
44A35 Convolution
49J40 Variational methods including variational inequalities [See also 47J20]
49Lxx Hamilton-Jacobi theories, including dynamic programming
58E30 Variational principles
58E50 Applications
65L15 Eigenvalue problems
65M25 Method of characteristics
65M30 Improperly posed problems
65R10 Integral transforms
70H05 Hamilton?equations
70H06 Completely integrable systems and methods of integration
70H09 Perturbation theories
70H20 Hamilton-Jacobi equations
70H25 Hamilton?principle
70H30 Other variational principles
76Bxx Incompressible inviscid fluids
76B07 Free-surface potential flows
76B15 Water waves, gravity waves; dispersion and scattering, nonlinear interaction [See also 35Q30, 35Q53]
76B25 Solitary waves [See also 35Q51]
76B55 Internal waves
76B60 Atmospheric waves [See also 86A10]
76B65 Rossby waves [See also 86A05, 86A10]
76D05 Navier-Stokes equations [See also 35Q30]
76D33 Waves
76E30 Nonlinear effects
76M30 Variational methods
76R50 Diffusion [See also 60J60]
78M30 Variational methods
81Q05 Closed and approximate solutions to the Schr|odinger, Dirac, Klein-Gordon and other quantum-mechanical equations
81Q10 Selfadjoint operator theory in quantum theory, including spectral analysis
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DEBNATH, Lokenath
Nonlinear partial differential equations : for scientists and engineers / Lokenath Debnath. - 2nd ed.. - Boston; Basel; Berlin : Birkhaeuser, 2005. - xx, 737 str. : ilustr. ; 24 cm
Zadaci. - Bibliografija: str. 699-726. - Kazalo.
ISBN 0-8176-4323-0